34. China (Silk Road, Camberwell)

We rocked up to Camberwell’s Silk Road on a freezing Sunday afternoon hoping for a warm place to eat some Chinese grub, but unfortunately they seemed to have forgotten to put their heating on! Though we’d heard it was a excellent place to go for Chinese food so we braved the cold.

The environment is very much ‘no frills’, and had an interesting decor, with rugs on the wall (with camels on, we think they got their countries confused.) The seating is all on benches, wagamamas style. We both went for noodle dishes, Jodi had mixed vegetable noodles, and I had something similar but with added lamb. They were both pretty spicy, warming and flavoursome (and brilliant value at £6.50 each) They were pretty slow at serving though and there was a bit of a wait when our food came at different times.

Overall the food was good enough to go back again, but we weren’t sure about the levels of their hygiene, as we noticed staff openly leaving big bowls of raw meat for preparation just behind us. On the way to the toilets it also distinctly smelt like cat piss, swings and roundabouts.

Food – 9
Environment – 4
Service – 4




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