32. Peru (Emanuel, 18 Amelia Street, Elephant & Castle)

We were looking forward to visiting this Peruvian restaurant as we’d seen that you could get a three course lunch for £7 – a bargain! Located in the not-so-glamourous area of Elephant & Castle, we had to make use of this offer from E manuel. Unfortunately upon arrival, we enquired about this offer and the waiter looked at us with a vacant expression and had no idea what we were talking about. Hey ho, we thought to ourselves, we still might be in for a culinary treat. We purchased a latino beer and perused the menu. I went for a chicken and rice concoction (I don’t know the exact name, and the menu isn’t online), and there was  little choice for vegetarians on offer (other than sides) so Jodi chose a dish which stated it could be made vegetarian by removing the meat. They brought the dishes over, along with a message that they didn’t make it vegetarian. A bit confused, Jodi chose a couple of vegetarian sides whilst I tucked into my meal (I was hungry). Mine was fairly disappointing –  it was lukewarm and there was approximately two olives. Jodi’s plantain sides and a massive peruvian style corn on the cob plates arrived, looking a bit genetically modified. Jodi ensures me that it was very filling but wasn’t sure how to attack it.

Overall, a bit of a shame that Peru didn’t deliver and we left feeling a bit underwhelmed. Maybe we caught them on a bad day, as there seemed to be a lot of Peruvian locals in there.

George Dawes, what are the scores?

Environment – 6, Food – 6, Service – 6


Beer nuts

Beer nuts

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


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