30. Norway (The Scandinavian Kitchen, 61 Titchfield Street, W1)

After a brief lazy hiatus, I can ensure we’re back, alive and kicking. Our trip to Norway took place a couple of months ago now, so forgive me if my memory’s patchy (it ain’t what it used to be).

Scandinavian Kitchen serves a broad range of food from the Scandinavian area and we’ve decided to assign it to our Norway entry. Not because we ate anything particularly Norwegian whilst there, but because it is unlikely there’s a completely dedicated Norwegian eatery in London (soz Norway).

Scandinavian Kitchen is a cosy little cafe in Central London, and everything inside looks well designed and thought out, like a little IKEA. For example, our drinks were served in these below mugs, and I believe you could also buy them in the shop at the back

After having a little look at the funny foreign drinks fridge that stocked weird brands we’d never heard of, we chose what to eat.


I went for waffles with berries and Jodi decided to have rye bread with cream cheese and jam. There wasn’t all that much choice that appealed, but alas we were looking forward to our simple meals all the same. Unfortunately, the aforementioned waffles were soon revealed to be off the menu due to the waffle toaster breaking down, so I changed mine to a hot dog.
I was disappointed not to be having waffles, but the hot dog was very nice and pretty filling. Jodi’s rye bread with cream cheese and jam was satisfactory but the overall conclusion we came to was that rye bread is just a bit weird.



After eating, we decided to peruse the shop in the back which was full of interesting looking food from Scandinavia. Everything was very tempting and we couldn’t help put purchase some kind of souvenir. I bought a strange concoction of some kind of mushroom pate and cheese in a tube, and Jodi bought some DIY gingerbread dough! I don’t know how hers tasted, but my squeeze cheese mushroom tube stuff was very nice on toast.

Service – 8, food – 8, environment – 8


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