21. Ghana (Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick)

Walking through an industrial estate to reach The Yard Theatre we felt as though we’d gone to the wrong place. It seems like an odd location for a theatre bar which is temporarily housing Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, but that’s East London for you. Being massive fans of a good pun, we were immediately put at ease when we saw the board outside reading ‘It’s Ghana be good’!


According to the website, this is not just a pop-up restaurant, but a food event. Whatever one of those is… Zoe and her food event tours the UK and regularly frequents Berlin. But luckily for Dinnergeddon’s aim, it’s currently here in LDN.


Once inside we are pleasantly surprised by the interior. There are sofas and long tables, each with their own red light. It feels quite festive, which is probably aided by the chilly breeze coming through the open entrance. 


The menu was quite limited but we were happy with what was on offer. We opted for Red Red (beans in a spicy tomato sauce, served with fried plantain) and a Chicken Jolliff Wrap (chicken, spices and rice in a wrap). The beany mixture of Red Red was rather spicy but perfect to warm up. It was a great combination of beans and spice, and the plantain offered a wonderful contrast (to cool the mouth down!) The Chicken Jolliff Wrap was also on the spicy side, causing a burning mouth, but burning in a nice way.



The staff were very friendly, especially the main lady, Zoe, who delivered the food to our table. She even offered to heat Ruth’s wrap up if it was cold as it had been sitting around on the side for a bit while my plantain was being fried. 


Overall, we would definitely recommend a trip to sample Zoe’s lovely Ghanaian cuisine. It may even be worth a trip to Berlin for… 


Service 8/10, food 9/10, environment 9/10.


Average 8.7/10.




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