20. Ecuador (El Rincon Quiteno, 235 Holloway Rd, Holloway)

So the Ecuador mission took us to El Rincon Quiteno, a cheap and cheerful looking establishment on Holloway Road. A kind of cafe/restaurant type of place, there seemed to be mostly Latin American people eating in there when we went, which is always a good sign. We were seated below these two terrifying yet hypnotizing creatures 20131015-200600.jpgWere they going to judge us on our opinions of the food? What were they whispering about? All in all, it was quite a distraction when I could constantly see them in the corner of my eye.
Questionable decor aside, the food was pretty cheap, so obviously we massively over ordered. We asked for chorizo, sweet plaintain stuffed with cheese, cassava with a really really hot chilli sauce, cornbread and prawns in an Ecuadorean cocktail sauce. It was a bit overwhelming when they brought it all out. Where to start? It was all presented very nicely – the prawn cocktail especially, sitting within a martini glass with some kind of latin nuts on the side. However, the food overall wasn’t that great, it all seemed quite bland and there’s nothing I can remember that really stood out as tasting lovely. The chorizo was pretty fatty and hard to eat and the whole meal kind of felt like you’d probably doubled your chances of having a heart attack later in life.
Around halfway through eating, the telly they had on in the corner playing football in Spanish got especially loud, we were right by the speakers and had to speak up a bit to have a conversation which was a bit annoying. However, the people serving us seemed very nice, and I’m sure the fact that Arsenal were playing probably had something to do with the raucous television.
Food – 6, Environment – 6, Service – 7



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