19. France (Bouchon Fourchette, 171 Mare Street, London Fields)

Apologies in advance for the lack of content in this blog post. It was one of the last sunny, hot weekends of the summer and we had spent the day lapping up the sun (and beer) in a couple of parks before hitting the little French eatery, Bouchon Fourchette. Hence our note taking was minimal and our memories are hazy. But hey ho!


Situated along a busy London road and opposite an Iceland, we were blown away by the location. So much so that we decided to site overlooking such a sight to enjoy the French delights. The decor and atmosphere didn’t seem particularly French, which disappointed us. There wasn’t even French music playing!


The meat eater among us wasn’t quite feeling brave enough to sample the traditional French specialities; frogs legs and snails (nor am I sure that these were on offer). Instead Ruth went for the Chicken Roulade, which came served with mashed potato. As expected, the vegetarian selection was poor. There was one dish on offer – Aubergine and Goat’s Cheese Mielle Fieulle. The dishes were fabulously presented, very pleasant on the eye. And the food itself was rather tasty. Wonderfully creamy mashed potato and a great combination of flavours in the Mielle Fieulle. Our only issue is that there wasn’t enough of it. We left feeling peckish and unsatisfied. 


Service 7/10, food 7/10, environment 7/10.


Average 7/10.




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