18. Thailand (Paolina’s Thai Cafe, 181 King’s Cross Rd, King’s Cross)

WE’RE BACK! So after a bit of a break in our regular postings we’re back to bring you with us on our journey around the world in London town.
We went to Thailand for a birthday occasion after being tipped off in a book that there was a excellent little cafe serving Thai food in King’s Cross. Paolina’s Thai Cafe was a cute as its name and when we first wandered in we thought it was especially tiny as initially could only spot two little tables. Though we were soon led down some stairs to a semi-basement area where the owners seem to have managed to cram in as many tables into a 5m squared space as physically possible.
You would forgive us for thinking we had wandered into a time machine and gone back to the 70s with the amount of pine surfaces you could see. Pine walls should only be allowed in saunas, but we will forgive Paolina’s Thai Cafe for this as the food was spectacular. Even the plastic fruit and veg we could see in the corner of the room could not dampen our enthusiasm.
One of the best things about this place is it’s BYOB policy, which regular readers will now know we are a massive fan of. Not sure how authentically Thai cans of Kronenberg are, but they made great accompanying drinks to our especially spicy Thai green curries with coconut rice. With no specific vegetarian section to their menu, we asked for a Thai green curry to be made vegetarian with some extra vegetables which they obliged without a palaver.
We were both very satisfied with our meals and was very good value for money all in all. Though the cafe have let themselves down on the service side (no free extras – we’ve been spoilt with these lately, and didn’t ask us how we were finding our meals) but I suppose this is why it calls itself a cafe rather than restaurant. To sum up: a nice relaxed casual meal with no fuss in a cosy setting, where you’re sitting close enough to strangers to eavesdrop on their conversations without them even noticing.

Service 7 Food 9 Environment 7Paolina's Thai Cafe


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