9. Georgia (Iberia, 294-296 Caledonian Road, Islington)

It was another warm, sunny evening when we swung by Iberia so we decided to sit outside, along the edge of Caledonian Road. The scenery was spectacular!

This was one of the more pricey establishments that we have visited so we agreed that we would share a few starters between us. These were the cold Meze for Two (Badrijani, Pkhali, Lobio and Cicaka), Mchadi (Georgian corn bread) and cheese (which was a bit like feta), along with a glass of tap water each (this was literally just tap water. No lemon, no ice.. The waitress didn’t even allow us to keep the jug on the table). I think once she’d realised that we weren’t going to be splashing out, the level of customer service was minimal (hence they did not get a tip!)

Georgian cuisine is interesting – everything came coated in some tahini-like paste and covered in pomegranate seeds. And the corn bread was rather dry, could have done with a dip or something. Not sure that we’d overly recommend Georgian food, although the hot starters and mains may have been better. 

Service 5/10, food 7/10, environment 7/10.

Average 6.3/10.   Image


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