8. Ethiopia (St. Gabriel’s, 12 Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park)

Walking in, this looked like a basic cafe much in need of some modernisation, but that just added to the authentic nature of the place, along with a few metal tables and chairs down the one side and a little counter on the other.

This restaurant/cafe seemed like proper, traditional Ethiopian cuisine. Our dishes – a selection of vegetarian dishes and spicy lamb bits (not sure if this is quite how it was titled on the menu), came with a side salad, all served on a massive pancake, with extra pancakes. Eating the food with our hands we did wonder whether they were testing whether we would ask for cutlery, but we came to the conclusion that this is just the Ethiopian way!

The restaurant appeared to be a family run establishment, you could see them out back, through a drape of material, and they were very hospitable. While discussing and rating previous restaurants they appeared with free Ethiopian coffee, which was a very welcome addition to the meal (not sure whether this was their attempt to up their ratings!) Anyway, the scores were…

Service 8/10, food 9/10, environment 6/10.

Average 7.7/10


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