7. England (Broadway Fish Bar, 8 Broadway Market, London Fields)

One sunny day we found ourselves wandering down Broadway market surrounded by delis, organic grocers and vegetarian restaurants, so we obviously had to go into the local chippy to get some good old fashioned fish and chips.

Broadway fish bar is situated in the lovely and very gentrified London fields and we were there on the hottest day of the year (so far) in April, and the area was full of excited pale people. The fish bar is essentially a cafe selling fish and chips, though they do have a little seating area outside which a few punters were making the most of the unexpected rays. We bought a portion of fish and chips for around £6, and the vegetarian equivalent (just chips), for about £2.

They gave generous portions of the chips (nice thick cut ones) and the cod was also lovely, but left me struggling to finish the feast. We particularly liked how this fish and chip also sold cans of beer (which you don’t see very often) so we decided to partake in a couple of red stripe. I’m not sure whether it was the eating the chips in the glorious sunshine next to regents canal that made this chippy lunch so good, but we definitely felt fuller and happier afterwards.

Service 8/10, food 8/10, environment 6/10.

Average 7.3/10.


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