5. Syria (Damascu Bite, 21 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch)

We decided to hit a take away in order to sample Syrian cuisine. We walked in and both spent a while studying the ‘traditional Syrian dishes’ menu (given a free falafel each to aid the decision making process), we both chose something from this menu before being informed that this menu was for lunchtimes only. So instead we settled on a halloumi wrap (jodi) and a chicken sheesh for Ruth.

There was no indoor seating, but fortunately it was a warm, spring evening so we sat on a bench outside Damascu Bite and enjoyed our food. The man who worked there was ever so friendly – allowed us to drink our our beer (we do like a bit of BYOB) and gave us a cheeky wave through the window!

The food was good, very filling and reasonably priced (£3.50 and £4.50 respectively), just a shame that the more traditional Syrian fare is only served at lunchtimes. 

Scores on the doors…

Service 8/10, food, 6/10, environment 4/10.

Average 6/10.


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