4. Sri Lanka (Apollo Banana Leaf, 190 Tooting High Street, Tooting)

This has been Dinnergeddon’s only voyage south of the river so far, for which we are very sorry and will try harder. (It is a bit of a hassle for us though.)

Apollo Banana Leaf lies on the stretch of road between Tooting Broadway and Colliers Wood. From the walk to the restaurant from the tube – spotting a good few Sri Lankan eateries on the way – we knew we were in prime south Indian territory and were in for a lovely treat. 

Dinnergeddon is fond of the odd cheap drink and we would be lying if we said the main aspect of ABL that appealed to us was the fact it allows you to BYOB. And BOOB – Brought Our Own Beer – we did. Walking into ABL, the decor felt quite kitsch, with its pale pink ironed cotton tablecloths and eggshell walls. Though I might have made the last paragraph up because I can’t remember the decor very well (I was drinking, remember). 

Dinnergeddon needed to feed us with lots of food to soak up the alcohol and they didn’t disappoint. We shared 4 spring rolls to start, and for our main course we also shared rice, with each getting our own curry (vegetable for jodi, chicken jeera for myself.) Now this doesn’t sound like that much food at all, but they gave us very generous and delicious portions. We were both so stuffed by the time we left, and we both struggled to waddle back to the station. WINNERS. 

So, if you would like to try some tasty Sri lankan cuisine for very few pennies and would also like to get a little tipsy (and support your local off license) then ABL is very much worth the trip over the river if you’re living northside. Ratings…

Service 7/10, food 9/10, environment 7/10.

Average 7.7/10


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