3. Brazil (Made in Brasil, 12 Inverness Street, Camden)

For this trip to Brazil in Camden, Dinnergeddon had an honourary guest in our friend Holly. Visiting the website, we were pleased to discover that they offered us a ‘buy one meal, get one free’ deal each, so obviously the most economical decision we could make was to get 4 meals between the 3 of us and share all. Upon joining their mailing list, they also emailed us with a voucher for a free caprinha cocktail. Hooray! What could go wrong with this magical place?

Made in Brasil made a good impression on us initially, they had some authentic Brazilian music playing and walking in it seemed like a nice welcoming place. I’m afraid the service let them down on this one.

Upon ordering and producing our sacred vouchers, the less than friendly waitress informed us that we should really have booked a table if we had vouchers we planned to use. Now, I would understand this if it were very busy, but there was plenty of seats and nothing of this was in the small print. Anyway, the waitress begrudgingly accepted the vouchers in the end, not before making us feel we had personally wronged her in some way.

The food however was tasty, we went for the Risotto de abobora (brazil nut and butternut squash risotto), Bobo de camarao (a tiger prawn dish), Vegetais com bolinho de mandioca (stir fried veg) and Picanha na chapa (ribs with all the trimmings). As much as we enjoyed our mini buffet, I’m not sure how traditional the fare was and I think if we had each got these as individual dishes on their own for ourselves, we might have been disappointed.

Upon finishing the meal, we went upstairs to the bar to order our free cocktails. There was of course some problems with the transaction, but after some kerfuffle, we received our strong yet refreshing caprinhas. I think we would recommend this place, perhaps the staff were just having a bad day. But just one note to any restaurateurs: do not offer vouchers or special offers to your potential clientele if you don’t want people like us to milk the shit out of them.

Service 3/10, food 7/10, environment 8/10.

Average 6/10.


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