2. Vietnam (Pho, Wardour Street, Soho)

It was Chinese New Year when we called into Pho (this blog is ever so slightly delayed). After briefly visiting the Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square we decided, in order to shelter from the cold and rain, that we should get some food. The initial plan was Chinese (what with it being Chinese New Year and all that) but all the Chinese eateries had queues forming out the doors and down the road (and with no umbrella between us we weren’t going to be joining a queue). Instead, we battled through the crowds and came across a Vietnamese. As neither of us has sampled the cuisine before, decided to give it a go.

It was still very busy and we had to wait about 10 mins for a table, but it was Chinese New Year. Once we had been seated, we ordered our food and drinks and waited, for what seemed like a lifetime, for them to arrive. If I remember rightly the food came before the drinks, and there was no apology from the staff. I (Jodi) quite enjoyed my meal Bún: vermicelli noodles with veggie spring rolls and Cà phê (a Vietnamese coffee), but Ruth’s noodle dish left her feeling disappointed – for reasons she can no longer remember.

Dinnergeddon wouldn’t really reccommend Pho. There are probably numerous better Vietnamese restaurants in London. Although this view could be due to the day we visited.

Service 2/10, food 6/10, environment 6/10.

Average 4.7/10.


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