12. South Korea (Bi Bim Bap, 11 Greek Street, Soho)

It was second time lucky for the us when we strolled down to Greek Street to Bi Bim Bap – we had previously tried to go but there was a queue and our tummies led us to Belgium in need of filling. It was still pretty busy in there again, but we managed to grab a couple of stools.
It’s a pretty informal, relaxed feeling in Bi Bim Bap, feeling more like a cafe. Walking in, you’re faced with a massive wall full of polaroids of Bi Bim Bap disciples – previous satisfied customers who, from their messages, have visited from all over the world. It was a nice touch, and also gave us a game we could play while waiting for our food (spot the famous person/people on dates).
Luckily for Jodi the Vegetarian, this place has plenty of vegetarian dishes, I think almost as many, if not more vegetarian meals than meaty options.
We both went for a Bi Bim Bap dish (this is a tradtional Korean mixed rice meal with vegetables). Jodi had Dol Sot, a dish with cucumber, spinach, bean sprouts and topped with a fried egg. As the idea of random fried eggs on things disgusts me, I went for the Mixed Mushroom version sans egg. This meal was the best thing ever, by the way. It not only tasted amazing, but they bring your rice out in a steaming hot stone bowl which was exciting. I even burned myself on it. The waitress also left us with two bottles of mild and hot sauce to help ourselves to, so we could choose our preferred level of spiciness.
I would/am definitely going to Bi Bim Bap again, the meal was AMAZING and very good value, but be sure to be prepared to wait for a table if you’re going at rush hour.

Service 8/10, food 10/10, environment 8/10.

Average 8.7/10.


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