11. Belgium (Belgo, 50 Earlham Street, Covent Garden)

We came across Belgo by chance (although we were aware of a branch in Chalk Farm), we’d planned to visit Korea but there was a queue and we were too hungry to wait so went in search of something else. When you walk in it is quite dark and reminded we of an (empty warehouse?). You are greeted by a member of staff in a headset (quite Eurovision-esque) who radios to another member of staff downstairs then sends you down. It’s all underground in large arches and there is a bustling atmosphere. The setup is like Wagamama’s in the way that you are seated on large tables next to other diners. The staff were wearing interesting robe-like attire. We can only imagine that this is some sort of historic Belgian costume.

There was a huge selection of beers to choose from (some which came in rather unusual and ornate glasses and holders). Typically, we went for the cheapest two on offer; Stella (Ruth) and Belgo Pils (Jodi). As to be expected, there was a very limited selection of vegetarian grub available – 1 starter, 1 sharer and 1 main. The non-meat eater of the two of us opted for the main, Wild Mushroom Bouchee, and the meat eater with for Traditionelle Moules and frittes. Both pleasant dishes, although some bread to mop up the mussell juice would be a welcome addition. The free thing this time – a freshener for your hands.

If you visit Belgo in Covent Garden, make sure that you check out the toilets – the taps are AMAZING!

Service 8/10, food 8/10, environment 8/10.

Average 8/10.


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