10. Poland (Londek Cafe, 198 The Grove, Stratford)

You don’t see polish restaurants very often, so it was to our delight we discovered Londek cafe, a polish cafe in Stratford.

Though stratford isn’t the prettiest area of London, this place had a friendliness and charm which made us warm to it when we entered. The staff were very helpful in assisting our decisions, describing what certain dishes were that we weren’t sure about. We were expecting a hearty homely meal from Poland and that’s exactly what we got. It was a very meat heavy menu – I had potato pancakes with pork and a dollop of soured cream and Jodi had a plateful of cheese filled dumplings. The meals were perhaps more suited to a cold winters day when you need to be filled with some heavy warm food, but it did the job anyhow. I would have preferred a little less pork and a bit more potato (I’m not a big pork fan, but the polish seem to love it so I got into the spirit of things). I did find the mountain of meat quite overwhelming.

Lounging on their comfy sofas, we were very tempted by the array of cakes and desserts under the counter. Many had unnaturally bright colours to them, yet looked strangely appealing at the same time. Alas, another thing could not be eaten so we shall have to return another time to see if they tasted as good as they looked.

Service 9/10, food 8/10, environment 8/10.

Average 8.3/10.


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